Poem from a daughter of the house

A touching Poem to my Spiritual Father, Pastor Brenden Naidoo;

I’m just sitting here thinking about what you mean to me,
Remembering all the things you’ve done for me,
You’ve been there for me from the start,
Knowing what to say to keep me from falling apart,
Taking everything that comes your way good or bad,
Even though you’re not my father you’ll always be my dad,
I can’t count high enough for every time you’ve went out of your way,
Knowing you’re there keeps me going everyday,
When I need encouragement, you’re the first to give it,
When I have a problem, you always have the best advise to fix it,
I could sit here and say Thank-you from now till I die but it wouldn’t be enough,
I can only wish if I went through what you did I could be so tuff,
I’ll always love you unconditionally,
From now till an eternity,


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2 Responses to Poem from a daughter of the house

  1. RHONA says:

    Beautiful Adelle. You are so precious!

  2. charmaine says:

    Well done Adele, may u be inspired to write more Poetry.