The Priesthood of the Father, Sun 19th June

We had a tremendous time with our fathers yesterday, I shared on how important it is for Fathers to take their position as “Priest” in their homes.  I shared from Job 1:1, were the Bible says that Job was a blameless, upright man who feared God.  These 3 characteristics a father must have in order to be the Priest in his home.  Job was a very wealthy man yet he took the time to get up early in the morning and pray and offer sacrifices for his children.  Fathers need to pray for their children. 

I shared 7 elements a Father needs to be Priest, 1 Cor 4:15, Paul said “Imitate” me. 

1. Our Families are looking for Fathers they can “imitate”, So the question is are we “fathers” that are good examples.  Our children will imitate us whether it be good or bad.

2. Paul said I am sending you Timothy my beloved son who will show you “my ways” the point here is are we “fathers of principle” What is our standard and do we live by principle.  Principle means no matter how the times change, no money, no influence and no fashion will change my principle.

3. We must be fathers able to “correct” & discipline. 

4. We must be fathers that “Provide” We have a responsibility to provide for our families.

5. We must be fathers that Plan: We need to plan for our children and our wives, a good father plans for his family.

6. We must be fathers that are proud of our families: Affirmation is one of the key elements in creating strength in your family.

7. We must be fathers who prepare our families for eternity:  Yes we build good homes here but have we ever taken the time to see if we prepared our children and spouse for heaven.  where would your family spend eternity. 

We Prayed for our fathers and put the Priesthood anointing on them;

I encourage men who are fathers to be the Priest of your home and to understand that whatever you do now, is seed for the generations to come.  I am what I am today because of my father, and my grandfathers they have left a “legacy” for me.  I am a forth generation Pastor in my family and I pray my son one day will also preach the Gospel. Here are the 3 generations below, Grandfather, Father & Son, we spent the day together playing golf.

God bless you Fathers we are praying for you, Pastor Brenden Naidoo on behalf of the Praise Church family.

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2 Responses to The Priesthood of the Father, Sun 19th June

  1. Roy Pillay says:

    Hi Ps Brenden!
    Congratulations on your site.
    Your comments on the relevance of the ¨fathering grace¨ is very important. It was in a time of famine that Elimelech emigrated from Bethlehem (house of bread) to Moab(fatherless). In Moab fathers died. Elimelech and both his sons died in a strange land. We must be rooted in the ¨house of bread¨. It is amazing how famine causes one to make the wrong decisions. The Lord bless you.
    Roy Pillay, Jose C. Paz, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

    • Pastor says:

      Thank you Pastor Roy for taking the time to go on our website and leave a comment. It means a lot to me. Your grace is a blessing to us. May you be increased more and more, love and appreciate you, Pastor Brenden Naidoo,